When In JNU …

There was this Professor, Mr. O. P. Bakshi, he used to take Political Theory. Somehow I attended almost all of his classes. It was the exam time, Paper had this question on Plato’s Theory of Justice.

I wrote; I don’t know what Plato’s theory of justice is, as you didn’t give us the original text to read. After reading some commentary by some Mr. X on Plato’s theory I think I’m in no position to comment on that.

But here let me try to explain my theory of justice …

I then wrote 5–6 pages, with few 2D & 3D graphs and a couple of mathematical Equations in between :)

Next week the professor called me to his office :) … He said; after reading the commentary by Mr. X you could have formed some idea about what Plato’s Theory would be like.

I said that’s not how I function.

I take Ideas from and listen to Arguments by X’s and Plato’s of the world and try to fill in the gaps in my theories.

Why would I be interested in knowing what a person 2000 years ago used to think about Justice?

‘Because you want the Marks’, he said.

I said; now that’s your presumption — everybody may not be interested in a bland piece of paper with some number written on it.

He asked; had I given the original text, would you have written about Plato’s theory? … I smiled and said, ‘no’ ☺️… He too smiled back 😄

He gave me B+, and that’s the highest grade I got in my 2 years in JNU 😊 — few of them were C’s and rest all F’s :)

After 2 years, I could’ve taken an extension for one more year as the maximum allowed period to complete the masters was 3 years. Had I wanted to stay in Delhi, JNU was the best option as they charged Rs 216 for the entire year of hostel stay :)

But I decided to leave for the Himalayas.



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